Discus & Hammer Throwing Safety Cage 7-10 m, “Model 2020

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The hammer cage 2020 (With Walk Draw Gate) is made from special extra sturdy aluminium profiles. The posts measure a cross section of 120x100 mm. The wall thickness of the posts rises from four to six mm. In the lower part the 10 m posts are additionally reinforced with a cross bracket. All the posts are equipped with ground anchors at the bottom to keep the net in the correct position. The cage is equipped with knotless UV protected PP net. The net measures a thickness of 5 mm and a mesh width of 45 mm. One set consists of four 7 m posts and four 10 m posts. The front two posts relate to a bar. The net is fixed onto the bar. This bar replaces the common gates. The opening of the net can be adjusted from the ground easily by pulling the net in the required position. There is no further installation needed at the top of the post. This feature provides much more comfort during the adjustment of the net position as well as during the installation.              - One person can easily adjust the opening to suit the thrower.                                            - During competition breaks, the net can be raised or lowered within few minutes.

WA(IAAF)certified E 20-1070

Please note:

These 30305 models are designed and manufactured to withstand wind speeds of up to 28 m/s (which is almost double compared to common cages). The high wind rating allows the net to remain in position for most wind conditions and it reduces the amount of time spent on raising and lowering the net. Nonetheless, at wind velocities, the net should be completely lowered to the ground to prevent storm damage. The life span of the net can be increased and extended by storing the net indoors when cage is not used. This will prevent any wear or deterioration due to the strong winds, UV rays and other weather-related factors

One cage comprises:
4 x 30305/1: 7 m Post
4 x 30305/2: 10m Post
1 x 30305/3: Front Par including Guide Rai
24 x 30305/4: Nylon rollers (for Discus & hammer cage 2020 Order No. 30305)
8 x 30305/5: Ground anchor incl. eye bolt
1 x 30305/6: Safety Net black colour
10 x 30305/7: Fastening ropes
20 x 30305/8: Carabiner hook
2 x 30305/9: Movable weight for door
6 x 30305/10: Support bar for post stability length approx. 4,25 m
1 x 30305/11: Support bar for post stability length approx. 2,90 m
6 x 30305/12: Crossbar for support the net on top length approx. 4,25 m
1 x 30305/13: Crossbar for support the net on top length approx. 2,90
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