Competition Discus & Hammer Cage 7-10 m

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Safety cage for hammer- and discus throwing, 7 / 10 metres high

Manufactured from special aluminium profile incl. safety net made in Europe.

Oval aluminium profiles (cross section 120 x 100 mm, wall thickness

4 to 6 mm). As an additional reinforcement the 10 m-uprights are

strengthened with internal special aluminium profiles.

Safety cage includes:

- 6 uprights 7.00 m

- 4 uprights 10 m

- 2 gates

- 6 hinge

- 10 ground anchors ( for fix the net at the ground)

- 2 trolleys for adjusting the gates

- 1 safety net incl. 12 fastening ropes

- Stainless steel wire for start & end net to fix the net correctly to the gate

IAAF certified

Please note:

The uprights are manufactured with a diameter 100 x 120 mm

and a wall thickness of  4 -  6 mm according to our static calculations.

Nonetheless, at wind velocities exceeding 20 m/s, the net should be

completely lowered to the ground in order to prevent storm damage.

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