Goal Post Series

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All hoses of inflatable goal post products are made of thermoplastic polymer and high tenacity terylene yarn in a special three-layer structure, which enables our products to stand pressure of 4.6 BAR, provides them excellent impact resistance, recoverability and weather resistance and most importantly, it is nontoxic and environment-friendly.

Our goal post structure enables it to be rigid and straight enough, when a ball hits the hose it reacts as a normal soccer goal.

Our products compose of three-layer hose, connector and valve, can be pumped with a strongest pressure of 1.2 BAR, enabling them to have strong tenacity.


1, Rigid enough and safe for Pro-training 
2, Portable with bags. 
3, Inflatable in 30 seconds 


280020            inflatable air goal post 120 x 80 cm

280030            inflatable air goal post 183 x 122 cm

280040            inflatable air goal post 244 x 152 cm

280050            inflatable air goal post 300 x 200 cm

280060            inflatable air goal post 500 x 200 cm

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