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Generates Electronic Start Sound/Start Signal; Equipped with a Loudspeaker Function
Ensures a fair start for all the competitors
Electronic start sound reaches all the competitors uniformly without any time lag through loudspeakers.
Electronic gunshot sound
Electronic start sound imitating the gunshot sound eliminates the problems of a gunpowder pistol such as misfire and powder smoke.
Built-in battery
The system is powered by a built-in battery, ensuring the safety when used near the water.
Pistol with a strobo light
The pistol is equipped with a strobo light, which can signal the timekeeper to start measurement.
Loudspeaker function
Being used with a headset microphone, the system can function as a loudspeaker to amplify the starter's voice.
System extension available
The system can be extended by additionally using optional loudspeakers SP-1200 as required

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