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Order No: 270040

The SEIKO Cal. S143 stopwatch is a digital stopwatch featuring a print-out function when connected to an SP12 printer. The stopwatch is also equipped with a large-sized three-row display panel that can display the split time, lap time and total elapsed time or lap time in progress at the same time in separate rows, and a memory function that stores the measurements. In addition the stopwatch is water resistant and can withstand up to 3 bar. Therefore, it is suitable for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.



 300 Split/Lap Memory with Printer Port

 Measurable up to 10 hours in 1/100 of a second

 Split/lap time measurement

 Store and recall of up to 300 split/lap times

 Memory segregated by block

 ID No. function useful for storing the data of individual users

 Memory recall during operation

 Connectable with printer SFD001J[Cal.No.SP12]

 Large-sized three row display panel for split, lap and total time

 Time and automatic calendar

 Battery life indicator

 Memory capacity indicator

 Water resistant

 The fastest lap time recall function


Recommended for: Track events, Road races, Ski, Skate, Motor Sports and Swimming


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