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ABS is a plastic formula derived from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styren. Altogether these elements produce a tough and high impact resistant plastic material. This is what our ABS lockers are made from. ABS lockers does not support combustion as its properties does not fall rapidly in high temperature.


∙ Lockers are made up of Engineering grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
∙ Sturdy and strong
∙ Stackable
∙ Can place side by side
∙ Resistance to scratch
∙ Rust proof
∙ Textured surface furnishing
∙ Adjustable shelves (optional)
∙ 5 colour choices for Doors
∙ Ideal application for factories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants & recreational places
∙ Multiple locking options with keyless lock, key lock, coin return lock, RFID (digital) lock and padlock
∙ Recyclable

195000: (2-Tier) Compartment Dimension ~ H845 x W270 x D415 mm. UNIT(2comts/Unit)
195010: (3-Tier) Compartment Dimension ~ H550 x W270 x D415 mm. UNIT(3comts/Unit)
195020: (4-Tier) Compartment Dimension ~ H410 x W270 x D415 mm. UNIT(4comts/Unit)
195030: (5-Tier) Compartment Dimension ~ H320 x W270 x D415 mm. UNIT(5comts/Unit)
195060: (8-Tier) Compartment Dimension ~ H190 x W270 x D415 mm. UNIT(8comts/Unit)


Compartments Height Per Column Unit
Subject to technical alterations
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